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I’m back in my place of origin, the humble but pleasant community of Dean. It’s nice to be back here for a while. I didn’t realize how much I missed the forest and the different, somehow more simple, air this area has. Tomorrow will certainly bring a lengthy walk through the woods.

Last night I was up until 6 talking with Nathan, Greg and Ben on various topics, though focused mostly on politics. It was great to talk with someone like Ben who really knows his history and is able to carry on an intelligent and informed discussion about various topics.

I slept from 7 until 11, when I quickly dressed and started watching Lord Love A Duck. It was a wonderful film filled with satire, pure comedy and the extreme beauty of Tuesday Weld. It’s definitely one of my favourite films now. The social commentary was so incredibly well done, and it applies even more to today’s world than it did in the 60’s, when it was filmed. This is a true classic that I would place above nearly every other film I have seen. All this is due to quality in all aspects of the film, which surprised me. Tuesday’s beauty alone would make the movie watchable, but the entire work is solid and very well balanced. It’s a movie I believe everyone should see, absoluely.
After the film was over I walked down to Video Difference to return it. When I returned home my father was already there, so we were soon taking my bags out to the car and on our way to a mall. After some time spent at a couple malls we were bound for my parents’ home.

Here I have been enjoying the comforts of this house, and refamiliarizing myself with it. The new hardwood flooring in the living room and the pannelling in the main hallway were both striking changes that make the house feel it has changed in a way that is both subtle and not at once.

I found that mail had arrived here for me when I arrived. A Christmas card from my cousin Melany, her husband Frank and their family as the first I opened. That was followed by a card from my uncle Gerry, aunt Sharon and their daughter, Hailey, that included an adorable photo of my youngest cousin. Third was a card from Stephani (denyeverything on Live Journal) that was quite surprising. I didn’t think I had given anyone online the address here. Sadly, the scanner is broken here, so I will have to wait for my return to Halifax to scan and share these lovely doses of holiday cheer.

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