Steps Away From Stagnation

I’m sitting here in a quiet empty house, fending off a rather unpleasant sore throat. My parents and sister are shopping in Truro but I decided to stay here rather than brave the mediocrity of that town. I’m quite confident I made the right choice.

I’m listening now to Tom Cochrane and Damhnait Doyle’s cover of the Bruce Springsteen song “Secret Garden“. I enjoy it quite a lot. Of course I’ve been a fan of Tom nearly all my life, but I’ve never really given a listen to Damhnait Doyle’s music. I must remedy that. The album this is from is a double CD tribute to the song’s creator titled Light Of Day – A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen. When I have some change I’ll likey pick it up, especially since proceeds go to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and the Kristen Ann Carr Fund.

Back to the sore throat, it’s staying a minor annoyance now that I have resorted to the trick of gargling with salt water. Perhaps I will win the battle against this cold. My fingers are crossed.

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