Leaf-free Winds Passing Swiftly

I’ve spent much of the past few days in a state of recovery, swimming through all those emotions that can be expected. From hurt to hope, I swallowed oceans of feelings. I can’t say I’m any closer to the shore, but I’m building my strength as best I can.

New Year’s Eve Nathan and I met with Wanda and April downtown. We walked to the free concert being held by ATV and BT (a local TV station and its morning show, Breakfast Television) and stayed there for a while, in a huddle discussing what we wished to be doing. We decided on walking and made our way along the downtown streets, passing various revelers.

I was wearing a ski mask in addition to my usual all-black webs and must have looked very ninja-like. This resulted in two separate groups of people commenting on that with a good deal of enthusiasm with exclamations such as “Ninja!” and “Dude, you look like a ninja!”. It was an amusing occurance.

We decided to head back to the apartment for a while so we walked in search of a bus stop. While waiting at a bus stop in another huddle a young woman stood silently beside us for a moment and when I turned to look at her she said in a soft voice, “Happy New Year.” I replied in kind as she turned away and wondered who she was. I didn’t recognize her then, but perhaps she is an aquaintence of some sort. Whether that is so or not, it would quell my curiosity to know who that lone well wisher was.

Back here there was dancing, eating of candy, and a good deal of zaniness. Somehow my dear silly disciple locked heself in the washroom. April, Nathan and I were allerted to the situation by a sound we could not tell was laughter or sobs. It turned out the be the former, and we waited impatiently for her to resuce herself. We had a good time in the living room but soon had to prepare to leave. Wanda ended up leaving with a pair of socks from both Nathan and I when we all departed.

Back in the downtown we waited around for Wanda’s friend and indulged in some pizza-corner edibles. After escorting Wanda and her drive back to their car April, Nathan and I came back this way. Nathan and I waited with April until her father appeared and then returned to this humble cave again.

I’ve been getting things in order here in my den. My room is as it should be, so now the damages to the outer portions of this cave have need of repairing. Dishes must be cleaned, books stored and shine returned to all smooth surfaces. This will certainly be a mission for Sunday.

My computer unfortunately crashed this afternoon, making it necessary for me to reinstall XP once more and leaving me with the chore of restoring many settings to how I find most comfortable and easy to use. Perhaps it’s just another new beginning, however lame that analogy is when used for a mere reformatting of this hard drive.

Whatever else it may bring, 2004 is shaping up to be a year of change like no other.

Expect many Digital Knapsack additions in the coming weeks. I uncovered some forgotten gems that I must share with you. Those will be joined by some items I was not able to scan during my time in Dean and anything new that becomes worthy of sharing. The new project for 2004 will be begun very soon as well.

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