“I Scare Them To Death Because I Say What I Like”

Big black boots were laced up tight, hair tied back and webs drawn up tightly as I stepped out the door of this cave. I explored malls, grocery stores and downtown shops in search of the elusive places to leave my crisp resumes. After doing all I could of my mission, I counted my pennies and realized that I had enough left to do something I’ve been meaning to for weeks but was financially unable to.

At Perk Lane I purchased a ticket to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I can assure you it was worth every cent of the over seven dollars to see the end of this beautiful trilogy. Visually stunning, convincingly loyal to the books and driven by a well balanced plot, it’s certainly my favourite of the three films and one of my all time favourite movies. This is the movie no one should go long without seeing. It redeems big budget filming (if only for these three master pieces) after so much waste in the past. Go see it when you can. I’m confident you will not be disappointed.

I’m listening once more to Tom Cochrane, one of my personal heros. He’s a consistantly brilliant song writer and a solid person. His humanitarian and social efforts (not to mention sincere interest) have been rare in his line of work and people in general. There’s no way I could not admire a man like Mr. Cochrane, especially since I have loved his music since my early days.

Tonight the song that has connected most has been “Brave and Crazy”, from Mad Mad World. Something about it fits well into my current reading project and my current head space. The title track, “Mad Mad World” is also extremely fitting for this time, not so much for myself as the world in general. I definitely urge you all to give both a listen. Tom is one of those artists you’ll feel blessed to listen to.

[Listening to: Tom Cochrane – Brave and Crazy]

He sat down with his guitar in a distant place

When a man walks up and tells him

“Buddy there are some things you cannot say”

I’ll be damned if you’ll tell me

What I can and cannot feel

I won’t be no puppet here on none of your back room deals

Modern love was invented by the minstrels in the dark ages

Where they used to hunt them down from town to town

Man what deck are we dealing from here

When a girl walks up and says

“You got something we’ve got to hear”

Brave and crazy…brave on

Brave and crazy…brave on

Along the boardwalk of this burned out tourist town

The ghosts of another day stalk the barren beaches

Where all come to hide from the rattling of the sounds

Of skeletons in the closet

Hoping nothing brings them down

She says “I have lived nearly all my life”

“I scare them to death because I say what I like”

Brave and crazy…brave on

Brave and crazy…brave on

There’s a war here between freedom and the hypocrites

Who will try on all disguises just to see what fits

Truth is the one thing to live love and die for

Raise your barbaric scream

High above the rooftops of the world

Brave on…

He packs his car and picks a course upon a map

Maybe east of eden or maybe farther west than all of that

Writes down everything he’s seen, everything that he feels

Then rips it up it doesn’t say enough then throws it in a passing field

Brave and crazy…brave on

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