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I read an article titled “Trouble on the right as Toryism unravels” at Rabble.ca just now, and it was an interesting look at the lost positive side of conservativism. I recommend you read this piece from a writer for The Chronicle Herald, Halifax’s independant news paper.

Also on the topic of Canadian politics, the National Library of Canada has interesting articles about Sir John A. Macdonald and Joseph Howe, two important leaders during the formation of Canada. I was able to learn much I did not know about their work and stances that has given me a better understanding of that time.

The Trews will be performing on the ECMA‘s February 15 at 8 p.m. A.S.T. on CBC They are a great live act, so I’m sure you’ll be impressed by them if you tune in. I believe you can find a live feed on the CBC website. Matt Mays & El Torpedo and Great Big Sea will also be performing. Notable awards nominees include Buck 65 (male artist, alternative album), The Trews (new artist / group, rock recording), and Sloan (too many to name).

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