Barcode + C8H10N4O2

Earlier this evening I came across an interesting page called “The Barcodean Era“. It explores efforts to capitalize upon or subvert the barcode concept. As the author, going by Brianna, states, “The barcode is the tattoo of ownership that every member of the Capitalist Gang has embedded upon its property.” From that jumping off point, the article points to Scott Blake and his barcode inspired art, which includes “Bar Code Jesus“, human barcoding, music made with barcodes, and barcode gaming. The “Bar Code Jesus” artwork done by Mr. Blake is especially potent in light of the recent marketing of that religious icon. The article is an interesting, though brief, look at one of the most obvious and pervasive signs of our commodification of all things.

Drinking down a litre of hazelnut coffee in one sitting can prove risky. Despite that, I chose to indulge in that vice of mine, and downed a large mug of that substance before sitting down to write here. I was inspired to have a good dose of my favourite drug (C8H10N4O2, of course) after reading an interview done by Poe in Junk Magazine. She mentioned that she enjoys “getting jacked up on these frozen coffee drinks that they sell in Chinatown (I call them “crack coffee” ‘cause they’re so strong, and they put these really weird little chewy balls in the bottom called boba that you suck through a giant sized straw).” I really must find out where I can come across those drinks around here. They sound quite interesting.

This weekend I intend to get back to my plans to get rid of a huge box of books. I’ve put off scanning the books and putting them up for auction for some time now for several weeks, so it’s about time I part with them. If any of you folks enjoy sci-fi and fantasy novels you might want to check out the auctions when I have them up, as there are some good books that should go fairly cheap. I may even put up my copy of Idlewild.

I filled up the last of my mini discs this afternoon. The disc I have dedicated to mediation is finally filled to the brim with audio I’ll experiment with in my meditations. I’ve found some sounds are a lot more useful to me than others. Water drums are especially reliable for me. Does anyone know of a good source of music using water drums?

Some of you may recall that I’ve mentioned a group called The Brokehearts before. Members of that group have moved on to form The Squarewaves, but you can still find information on the short-lived group and its precursor, Strawberry. If you dig around on the news page you can find the demo for “A New Age” and if you take a step into the history page you’ll find the demo for “Young”. Both are quite good and in MP3 format. The page for Viva Me (a sadly unreleased album) has some information about the two demos and some of The Squarewaves songs that are shared in a stream found at their official site.

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