Revelations (21 – 30)

In the middle of January I began an activity called “101 Revelations”. I only managed to share twenty-one points in 101 Revelations (00 – 20). Now, I’ll share another ten points with you.

21) I have never had a headache. Not even once in my life have I suffered that pain or annoyance, and I really have no explaination for it. Is my brain better able to cope, or am I missing something up there?

22) I have also had very few dreams that I have remembered. I can recall only a handful of times that I have remembered my dreams, and those have all been in the last three years. Before that I did not remember a single dream. Again, it raises a question of what’s missing in my head.

23) Since high school I’ve had long hair. I could not imagine keeping my hair as short as is the norm, and I feel much more comfortable like this. In contrast with this, I had my hair cut very short, in what I called a “buzz cut” for several years when I was in elementary school. Perhaps it was a backlash, but I know it’s what suits me best.

24) For years I did not drink coffee. I gradually began to try it, once I had left high school, but did not truly appreciate it until I began drinking it most days at the place I worked for five summers. Now I find it my favourite drink.

25) For years I was afflicted by asthma. At one of my birthday parties I had an acute attack that caused me to be rushed to the hospital as soon as my friends had left. It definitely put a damper on any fun I might have had.

26) Until I entered junior high I was what I’d call an “unquestioning Christian”. I was gradually exposed to other religions, mostly pagan, and began a period of questioning and learning. For a period I became quite against Christianity, but after several years I have developed a better understanding of it and what I believe was its true intent and its validity. While I still distrust most branches and the bible itself, I see the noble aspects of it.

27) The minister at the church I attended is still a man I respect quite a lot. What he shared with me about his own beliefs informed my spiritual growth quite a lot, and has made me able to have respect for the beliefs of those Christians like him who have a sincerely open mind.

28) The first big concert I attended was Rockfest ’99 in New Brunswick. My father bought me the tickets and took me there. I saw Thrush Hermit, Matthew Good Band, Big Wreck and Collective Soul. Collective Soul was my favourite band for nearly a decade and it was thrilling to be able to see them perform. Even today that concert remains one of the best I have ever seen. The sheer number of people singing “Shine” was very moving. It would be a couple years after that concert before the other three acts became among my favourite bands, but even then I was quite impressed.

29) The first time I appeared in a news paper (there were several times) was when I was pictured with a blue My Little Pony plush animal that my mother was about to purchase for me. I still have it hidden away at my parents’ home.

30) The second time I appeared in a news paper was for an article about my school’s efforts in planting trees. I also planted trees with a scouting group when I was involved in the Scouts organization. I’ve enjoyed tree planting missions every time I’ve taken part in them, and I find it very rewarding to do other small acts that help the environment.

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