Lullabies and Ocean Air

Jazz is filling my room. John Coltrane’s exploding out of my speakers and out of time. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to discover and appreciate Jazz. I suppose I have Jack Kerouac and On The Road to thank for my focused interest on it. It’s a wonderful genre, one I think far too many people overlook. It’s historically important, especially as a voice for African-Americans, and is as musically rich as any other musical movement. I know I’ll enjoy exploring it as much as I can.
I’ve spent the past couple hours working on “Whispers: Moon: First“, the second piece of my new writing project, tentatively called Project Whipsers. It and the first part if the story, “Whispers: Sun: First“, will hopefully prove to be the beginning of my most ambitious endeavour in writing to date. My intention is to have it become a final rendering of the stories I have been telling for the past few years in various poems.
Already, I’ve woven a previous story and character into this project. Though altered significantly, Tainn is in essence Selmis, who initially had her own tale and later became part of the story of Grania + Roth. Expect this new story to weave Moths + Fireflies and Moon’s Voice into its fabric. I have a lot to improve in each of these stories, and I hope I am up to the task.
It looks as though I’ll be moving back to Dean in the coming week. I’ve had no success in finding a job, and I’ve run out of funds to continue living in the city, so it’s time to admit defeat and retreat for now. It’s certainly painful to admit that I’ve failed in my goals since September, and I did make some serious mistakes, but I know I’ve tried my best to make amends for those mistakes.
In better news, Deidre and Scott of Valley of the Giants and The Squarewaves dropped by my journal and left a comment. Deidre apparantly found the film she had from Edgefest, when Nathan and I were lucky enough to meet her and hang out with her for a few hours and will be sending that here. They also invited me to attend the Valley of the Giants show in Montreal. The band’s only going to do four shows, so it would be my only chance to see them live. They put me on the guestlist and even offered to let me stay with them. Sadly, my poor-as-dirt situation will make it pretty much impossible to actually make it to the show. I would absolutely love to be there to see my favourite band, but my situation dictates I can’t. I’m quite taken-aback by the offer though, and I really do appreciate it. Those two are very admirable people.
Back on the topic of relocation, I’ve packed most of my things in anticipation of moving back with my folks next week. As much as I hate to have to do it, it seems I’ll be moving soon, so it’s best to be prepared. I really do have too much junk. I need to increase my movements towards minimalism.

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