Snow Bank Forest

I’m back in Dean, the land of my youth. My folks dropped by in the city this afternoon and it was decided that I would return here for an initial period of a week and then decide what to do from there, whether that would be moving home or continuing my job search. Not five minutes after my parents had left to visit my sister Ilea for a while, I received a phone call from a place I had applied for a job with to be offered an interview. It’s one place I’m very confident I can be hired at, so I’m very thankful I was called today. A few hours later and I would have missed the call and my best chance to be able to stay in Halifax. It was decided, when my parents returned, that I’d still take the chance to come out here in lovely rural Nova Scotia, but return to the city on Sunday rather than the following weekend.

Otherwise, my day has been quite uneventful. I’ve been getting comfortable here and enjoying being in a different environment. Home cooked meals alone will be a welcome change. I’m sure I’ll have a few nice days here in Dean.

In my renewed interest in local and Canadian history, I’ll be looking for new things to read up on. While I’ve been here I scrounged up some books on Albertan history that my folks own. They’re in the Our Alberta Heritage series and seem to be interesting. Places, People, Progess and Mountain Men are the titles of the books they happen to have here. I’ll likely take a stroll through them during this time home. There are also several other historical books around I want to take a look at, as well as some National Geographic and similar books.

The job interview has made me perhaps too optimistic. If I’m able to get it I’ll have the resources by the end of the summer to begin a major project. It might involve staying in Halifax, or it could be I’ll relocate to somewhere else. I’ve been thinking of exploring Montreal and Ottawa again, so I’ll look into my options in that, even if it’s merely for a visit in the fall. It’s all a pipe dream (Did you know that the phrase “pipe dream” comes from fantasies induced by the opium pipe?) for now, but it’s an exciting notion.

I’ve been having some trouble with meditation lately, but I was able to do some root chakra meditating tonight for the first time in about a week. It was certainly encouraging to have results such as those I had tonight. I think being home had a lot to do with altering whatever was blocking that chakra. Some of the reasons for this should be obvious if you know what the root chakra represents.

I keep putting off writing of my vision of utopia. I think I’ll make an effort to write it down while I’m in a place closer a bit closer to it. I’m not sure why I feel I should write about this, but I feel compelled to.

Dial-up is quite a dramatic change for me. I’m used to doing everything I need to online in a few minutes. Now I wait minutes for pages to load. I’m thankful to have the internet still, but it sure does eat up time. It makes me thankful I make my own site minimally graphical.

Snow banks and forests await me in the morning.

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