Midnight Street Tag

I believe the interview yesterday went well. I’m sure I didn’t give perfect answers, but I did as best I could. I’m sure I have a shot at the job, at least. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I know I’ll be wishin’ and hopin’.
In other upcoming changes, my roommate Greg will be moving out as of May 1st. He’s hoping to sublet his room, so I’m helping him look for people who might be interested. I’d certainly like someone I know as a roommate, or at least someone I can get along with. If you know anyone interested in having the room for the summer (and possibly renewing the lease with us for September), or are interested yourself, please let me know. You can read an ad Greg placed here and see where we are on a map here.
I haven’t had the chance to get out and be social much lately. Other than the nice Monday I spent with April and Wanda, I haven’t been out to do anything not related to getting a job, and it’s becoming quite tiresome. I need to get out just for the sake of getting out, and possibly meet up with some people for conversation. Is anyone interested in hang out during this week or the coming weekend? I have enough change for some coffee or apple juice, so excitement will surely abound. Perhaps one or two of you would like to visit for an evening of Risk and midnight street tag. I need some socialization either way.
I should break out my guitar soon. It’s been gathering dust while I’ve been focused on getting a job. I really do want to learn to play it. I don’t know why I’ve neglected it so much this year. I don’t want to be another of those folks who give learning to play an instrument a half-hearted try and then allow it to collect dust. I’ll tune when I finish writing.
Evolution is a beautiful thing. I’ve been rereading some old journal entries I made nearly a year ago, and I can see I’ve changed more than I had realized. I’m most thankful that I’ve been able to commit to sustained change as much as I have. Usually, I would see changes in myself in small bursts when I gave myself time to reflect (usually in those lazy summers I lived during my high school days). Now I see slower, but more measured and profound, change in my thinking, actions and awareness. I welcome the challenge of a lifetime of growth now more than I ever have.

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