Five A.M. Slumber

I believe my phone may be in its death-throws. It seems unable to charge its battery properly, and may thus become unusable quite soon. This is a terrible sign in my job hunting endeavours, because I’m expecting a call back to confirm that I get a job in the next week or two, and I also hope to have some job interviews in that time as well. With a dead phone I would be unable to have any of that happen.

I did a good deal of redesign to Frozen Truth . com this weekend. I began with a new script for Digital Knapsack and then created a brand new layout for the rest of my site. So far I’m liking it better. Full navigation to the archives isn’t available on each page, but navigation is more intuitive and more page space is dedicated to content.

Tonight I decided to try out a Linux Live C.D.’s. For those of you who might not know, a Live C.D. is a C.D. that contains an entire operating system (and often all the programs you need to use) that can be used as a bootable C.D. Windows runs from a hard drive, but a Live C.D. is entirely self sufficient. You generally don’t even need to have a hard drive at all to use one, and they can’t harm your system unintentionally.
Why did I decide to try out these Live CD’s myself? I mostly want to try out Linus OS’s to see if they can meet all my needs in an operating system. If so, I’ll likely end up choosing one of them as a permanent replacement for X.P. once I learn how to use it well.
I decided to start small in my Linux adventures and chose Feather Linux, a distribution that is only 64 m.b. After several tries, I finally had it running. Everything seemed to work well, except I was unable to access the internet with it. The problem is likely something I can figure out, but it was still rather discouraging.
I’m currently downloading Morphix Gnome, a much larger and more feature rich distribution. It seems like a much more likely replacement for XP, but I’ll have to test it out in the morning. Hopefully my next entry will be made while running Linux.

Tomorrow I plan to get out and do a lot of walking. I haven’t taken the time to explore the city in some time, so it’ll be nice to wander around some areas I haven’t been to. I might even try to get my cheap digital camera to work.

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