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Yesterday I broke my trend of either looking for a job or staying here at the apartment. Nathan, Greg and I walked to the mall to pay deposit our rent and then hit the bowling alley. We played a couple sets and had quite a lot of fun despite our obvious lack of skills and luck. I ended up losing the first frame to Nathan by one point and winning the second rather handily. I was only a little bit less terrible than my roommates. After that we played some pool. I won the first game against Greg and then lost to Nathan in the second. The three of us are thinking of making bowling a weekly event. It’ll get us out of the apartment and be some small dose of exercise. Would anyone else like to join us in a sport none of us have any skill at?

I’ve been in net hibernation and cleaning out some cobwebs for the past couple days. I’ve been planning and reading, getting ready to write the next batch of chapters of Whispers. The letter format is about to break, and the story should become more interesting.

I’ve made the switch from Windows XP to Linux Knoppix as my main OS. I’ve greatly impressed with it and how usable all the software is. I have a lot left to learn about it, but I can already do nearly everything I need to with Knoppix. Writing to my external hard drive, updating my Clie and using a P2P filesharing programs are the only things I have not learned to do yet. All other aspects of this software are equal to or better than their Windows counterparts, and that is quite exciting. I keep an install of XP on my hard drive so that I can still do a couple things, but otherwise I stay in Knoppix permanently.

One of the great aspects of Knoppix (specifically the K Desktop Environment) is that I can use any number of desktops as I want. I can switch between them on the fly, so it gives me a lot of versitility while working on various things. Right now I have home, web, communication, music, and two other desktops set up, each holding an aspect of what I’m using my computer for. It’s quite a liberating feature.

Since I have six desktops, I can have six wallpaper images in use at once. I’ve filled those spots with the lovely wallpapers offered at Pixelgirl Presents. I was very impressed by the quality and selection to be found there.

In the summer I started having two books on the go at all times. One is fiction and the other non-fiction, with the latter usually on spirituality. I’ve read all the physical books I have on spirituality so I think I’ll reread The Tao of Inner Peace. I would like to find another book, preferably used. Does anyone have some suggestions?

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