It’s been overcast, greyscaled, here for several days. The gloomy early part of spring doesn’t appeal to me very much. Yes, I’m glad the snow is melting away, and that it’s warming up, but the color of everything is washed away with the consistant rain.

The grey seems to have sapped my creativity quite a lot recently. I must make a real effort to remedy that.Seasonal stagnation is not something I can afford to sink into. I’ve done it before and I know it’s a tough hole to climb out of.

I’m listening to CKDU, the local university radio station. “Ryan’s Stupid Radio Club for Jerks” is a surprisingly good show. All the music played so far has been enjoyable. You can listen to a live feed online if you wish.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy vocals sung by people who can’t sing well by normal standards. Those songs seem far more real to me. Maybe it’s because of some secret hope that I could somehow make music that I like it so much.

World music is playing now on CKDU, and I think I’ll let that and a good book take me to sleep soon. I’ll be wishing you all a good night.

I haven’t done any of the free association exercises found at Unconscious Mutterings for some time, so I’ll add some right here.

Condemn – I think of beautiful old buildings that are falling apart.

Promiscuous – A sign of fear.

Pro-life – A misnomer.I treasure life as much as anyone, but I feel the ending of a prenancy is sometimes a valid option.

Mona Lisa – Sadness. This painting has a connotation of sadness for me.

Crown – The top of my head and the crown chakra.

Mumble – I can’t help but think of Alisha and her mumbling comments.Your writings are far from mumblings.

Hack – Hack and cough, a term I remember being used a lot where I grew up when talking about smokers.

Diet – Natural farming comes to mind, and images of wheat fields.

Introduction – I think of history books, especially the old ones from juniour high that covered Canadian history.

Latin America – The various coffees originating from there come to mind.

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  1. SOMA, August 2003, had an interview with the folks that made American Splendor. Maybe you can find a copy of that online.

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