Lettered Stones

I managed to sleep for only two hours last night. Worries filled my head, but that was not the only reason for my insomnia. I’ve been an assortment of messed-up lately, but I feel confident I can pull out of it. I’ll will myself to contentment, or at least make a damn good effort at it. Plans are in place and it’s time to act and keep acting. It’ll be a perpetual play.

In the morning I did some cleaning around the apartment, trying not to wake my poor sister, who was crashing on the couch. It’s odd how quickly this place becomes dirty. It’s frustrating how I am the only one here who cares or does anything to combat that.

At one I met with Cerra, a friend I met recently on Live Journal, at H.S.C. We wandered around for a while, but we’re both not fond of malls so we took to the sidewalk and fled for the cemetery by her home.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery is one of Halifax’s cemeteries that contains graves of victims of the Titanic disaster. Cerra tells me it can be bombarded by tourists quite often, but she enjoys spending time in it. I can tell it’d be a great place to spend time. It’s a spralling cemetery,covering a much larger piece of land than I’ve seen in any other local site.It also houses more ethnic sections than the other cemeteries, with an adjacent Jewish cemetery and an enclosed asian section (I was unable to determine the origins of the people. Though one stone listed birth place as China, Cerra suggested the markings looked Japanese). It doesn’t hold the magic that the cemetery on Robie St. does for me, but it’s a place that draws up a similar feeling. I will be exploring it again when I have the chance.You can find some of the photos Cerra took of the cemetery a while ago here (I didn’t forget that you love cemeteries, Alisha, my camera is just really bad.).

After exploring the cemetery and discovering that we were locked out of the Jewish partition, we went to Cerra’s place, where we watched Swordfish. It was a better film than I expected,though my dislike for John Travolta made it a bit testy. The opening was definitely the most interesting part for me. The dialog was strongest in the opening segment, I found. I wouldn’t say it’s a film to go out of your way to see, but it’s entertaining.

After watching the film we sat in the living room for a while. I met Cerra’s mother then, and she seems to be a nice woman. We all talked in spurts, of course with my usual near-silence being the rule from my spot. A card game called “Garbage” was played and then I decided to head on back here.

It was really nice to meet someone new like Cerra. She seems very interesting and will hopefully be someone I’ll enjoy getting to know. We have the common ground of appreciating cemeteries and disliking malls, at least.

Life’s all about change.

Sadly, I’m a bit short of it.

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