Beauty’s In The Ashes…

… and the charred strawberries bubble

Watch the time flow by. The middle of the month has arrived and I feel I’ve accomplished far too little. I’ve had some good times this month, and done some things I’ve needed to, but I have a long list of things to do.

Today I brought an ivy plant back here. My room’s stark white walls have been bothering me lately, seeming too bleak and devoid of life. The small orange pot and the spread of green leaves enlivens the room more than I expected. It’s comforting to have another life here in this room, even though it may not be sentient.

I suppose I miss the growth of my rural home. There was always so much life around me there. Here in the city there’s a different sense of life, one more uniform and with a different kind of diversity. In the city there is mostly diversity in human lives, while in the country there is diversity in universal life, with forests, fields and countless beings interacting. Both have their appeal, but the latter calls to me much more strongly.

I made and hosted a journal for one of my friends tonight. You can find her thoughts at Vivalas Viavlos. She’s an interesting lass, and you may find her entries worth reading.

Each day I come to appreciate the beauty of things ever more. You really do find it everywhere once you realize the inate beauty of every being and non-being. Buildings falling apart, head stones obscured by moss, weed-tulips sprouting in the middle of lawns and rusting, abandoned cars are all filled with a sense of life I can never hold on to, but that whispers to me from time to time. There are stories in the things we forget that survive longer than our memories. Learning to remember is one of the greatest achievements one can make, because it gives us a chance to truly see the future and shape it. There’s much to lose otherwise.

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  1. you wrote:

    It's comforting to have another life here in this room, even though it may not be sentient.

    If you think that ivy's not sentient, don't water it and see what happens. 😉

    PS: I like reading your blog

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