Ragnarok Bubble

Ragnarok in a bubble drifts upon the winds

Delicate destruction poised with tension moves on

Mingling in dandelion seeds it quivers

A balance set for gods, giants, slaves and lovers

We sit along the coastline, sharing future words

Drinking cold into our souls while in the heat cloud

Moments of rare rest in the building of this nest

Walls of sanctuary rising with the windmills

Sunset fire quiets each of our whispers slowly

Dreams and tears of the past fall before real beauty

Our mistakes stand bared and red on the errant rocks

Our futures lie hidden in a far-off bubble

Apprehension is fleeting before the visions

We long to help those trapped within the ending world

Remember that survival is hibernation

Dream of helping when we awake prepared to live

A campfire circle becomes again our chronicle

Nourishment in words and memories preserve now

A way of life lost, missed and held as a charade

Good events and warnings reach high in oaken smoke

Will we be as Lif and Liftrasir, safe within?

The forest holds this kind resting place in her arms

But has she grown from the roots of Hodmimir’s wood?

We dance our awkward dances and await the burst

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