Rivers, Sparks, Roma, and Maple

Roll up your pant legs and walk through the river. Grow a plant in your window and prepare to leave your walls behind. Graft words onto your hair as you sing the song of threads. Tongue-dance your myths upon skin, leaving saliva-legends to guide us all. Scream to warn the prophets of the end and whisper of the gentle forests to the lovers.

One of my favourite bands, Elastica, disbanded in 2001, and Donna Matthews, the guitarist, began a new project by the name of Klang. They’re quite enjoyable, but sadly only tour and release albums in the U.K. (Won’t someone launch me to Exeter?) On their offical website you can find an interesting project they’ve done called “10 Minute Song Project”. Each song was written, performed and recorded in no more than two takes by one person (with multiple recording tracks allowed, but no post production or multiple mixes). The results are an interesting study of spontaneity in art, and rather pleasing to listen to.

I’ve long been interested in Romani cultures (commonly called, without accuracy, Gypsies). Today I read of some death rituals and customs that are common among Roma tribes. The belief that death is senseless and unnatural, and that it angers those who die leads them to have some interesting ways to combat this preceived problem. Their adherence to superstition in general is quite facinating

My weekend has been somewhat productive, but mostly uneventful. My sister Ilea has moved into this apartment, so Nathan switched rooms with Greg(Ilea’s boyfriend and my roommate for the past 9 months) in order to give those two adequate space. I aided in that endevour, made efforts in my hunt, read a good deal and did as much walking as I could muster.

My folks left me with a jar of maple candy and sugar (it was a mix of what was not made into products for sale) Friday night. I’ve loved maple products for all my life, and the environment in which my family makes them even more so. There’s a wonderful atomsphere at the sugar camp that I’ve never encountered elsewhere, and it is filled with wonderful memories for me. Real maple brings those to the fore of my mind.

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Remember to “Math Rock the Vote“.

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