It’s 4 a.m. and I’m still awake. I just finished reading another beautiful story. This time it was Blankets, an illustrated novel by Craig Thompson. I had intended to only read a short while and then sleep, but the story and art swallowed me, and I flew through all 582 pages.
Blankets is a wonderful story of a young man’s life growing up. It touches on key elements of that part of all our lives, struggles with faith, family and relationships, becoming at once a universal story and obviously a deeply personal autobiographical story. It’s both surreal and realistic, a blend that works perfectly to depict adolescence.
The artwork is superb, and brings the story alive with just the right sort of exagerations and tenderness. It walks the line between caricature and portrait remarkably well. The moments shared by Craig and Raina were wonderfully tender and definitely the highlight of the book. The relationship between Craig and his brother, Phil, was also well depicted, but in a more rough manner that better suited that piece of the story.
Blankets is the most moving graphic novel I have yet read. It’s an absolutely beautiful and enchanting story filled with images that bring so many memories to the fore. I highly recommend finding and reading this book. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If anything could feed my nostalgia, this book was it. So many pieces of this book reminded me of my own life in surprisingly direct ways. Finding a balnce between the past and future can be hard. Sometimes it can be dangerous. I’m learning to love promises and the promise of tomorrow.
I’m still listening to Tom Cochrane’s album Songs of a Circling Spirit and the song “Washed Away.” It’s an appropriate one for me right now. “An old cliche that you used to tell me, ‘some things might change, all things won’t last.’ Do the best you can, it’ll all work out. At the end of the storm live to love another day”

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