The Dreaming Place

This afternoon I read The Dreaming Place, a novel by Charles de Lint. It was obviously aimed at a younger audience than his more typical works, but invoked the magic and familiarity of Newford, the city in which most of his novels and short stories are set.
The story was a coming of age tale of two cousins who struggle with their relationship and change (in the form of magic imposed upon them) in their lives. Thematically, it’s not uncommon, but Mr. de Lint’s storytelling prowess and characters of depth give the story a rare life for a novel aimed at young adults. I’ve always been impressed by the ease with which he is able to create believable characters.
If you’re a fan of Charles de Lint, this is certainly worthy of picking up, and it’s still a decent, short read otherwise. It’s definitely worthy of sharing with any readers you know who fall into the Y.A. category.

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