Mistakes and Dreams

Today has been quite a mixed one. Canyons and plains were the terrain and the sky has become a mirror. It has left me quite drained and disillusioned.
In the better times of the day, I discovered a copy of Jack Kerouac’s Book of Dreams at the library. It appears to be a simple journal of dreams, but it will of course be much more interesting than a typical book of this sort. I’m very much looking forward to reading it, especially since it’s been several months since I last read anything by Kerouac.
Later in the day I discovered that the C.R.A. (Canada Revenue Agency) believes that I was married or in a common law relationship in 2000 and thus owe them $100 in taxes. I was definitely neither married nor in common law, and it’s especially odd since at the time I was 17, living with my parents and did not file taxes. I’ll have to call and have that straightened out tomorrow, and that’s quite frustrating.
This week I managed to become caught up with the entire story of Strangers In Paradise, one of my favourite graphic stories of all time. It’s a touching and masterfully told story of “three friends, Francine, Katchoo and David and the people they fall in and out of love with. It’s a tale of dark pasts and hopeful futures, double-crosses and true friendship, love and hate.” The author, Terry Moore, is adept at protraying true emotions, drama, humour and complex, believable characters. I strongly recommend checking out this wonderful series of graphic novels and comics.
Those of you who are avid coffee drinkers like myself (I’m obviously thinking of Alisha in particular) might wish to read about The Best Way To Use Caffeine. Scientists have found that “a novel regimen, consisting of frequent low doses of caffeine, to help shift workers, medical residents, truck drivers, and others who need to stay awake get a bigger boost from their tea or coffee.” Also, it was discovered that “people who take small amounts of caffeine regularly during the day may be able to avoid falling asleep and perform well on cognitive tests without affecting their nighttime sleep habits.”

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