Auf der Maur

Melissa Auf der Maur has been in various high and low profile bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins (with which I was able to see Melissa perform), Hole, Hand of Doom, The Chelsea and the as yet unrealized The Fucking Virgins (with James Iha, Ryan Adams and Evan Dando). Her current project, the self-titled Auf der Maur, however is one she was involved in creatively much more completely.
Auf der Maur delivers one of the most satisfying hard rock albums I’ve had the chance to hear.
The songs are superb, combining the sensuous with agressive seamlessly. Lyrically, there seems to be a strong narrative core to these songs, a refreshing change. Lyrics such as, “Why must I find that falling down, Brings my hopes high, oh so high, Why must you cry when I fall down? It helps me with the truth inside,” in “My Foggy Notion” impressed me quite a lot, even when not considering the genre’s typical fare.
This album is filled with excellent tracks, but the standouts for me stand as “Lightning Is My Girl,” (a deliciously driven rock track) “Followed The Waves,” (the very worthy single as I write this) “Taste You,” (the first single, which was released in both French and English, and arguably the catchiest song found here) “Beast of Honor,” (a great mid-album surprise) “Would If I Could,” and “I Need, I Want, I Will” (the song with the most interesting narration).
My adulation for Auf der Maur is immense. This is an album I’ve been playing constantly for several days now, and I haven’t lost that initial rush of finding great music. This is an album for you bedroom and your headphones (or for doing dishes, as I discovered this morning), so pick it up on June 1st if you’re in the United States and as soon as you can if you live in other nations (it was released internationally in February).

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