Speaker Wire Words

My sister and I visited the library this afternoon and there I was able to find some music and a book to keep my mind growing. Crash Test Dummies’ God Shuffled His Feet is an old favourite of mine (I have fond memories of listening to the cassette in my parents’ living room and in their cars), and I felt compelled to borrow it when I came across it. In addition to that album, I felt like exploring jazz further, so I picked up a live double release from Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette titled Always Let Me Go and Jonny King’s book What Jazz Is (An Insider’s Guide to Understanding and Listening to Jazz), which came with a companion CD. I’m looking forward to experiencing each of these.
Not long ago I finished watching Lost in Translation. It had been floating around the apartment for quite a long while, but I finally got around to giving it some time. It was quite an enjoyable drama, though it did have some humourous elements. I found it to have a subtle story that gave a sense of realism. Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray were endearing leads, both providing sevral memorable scenes. It’s worth giving a couple hours to.
I’ve discovered that one of the best $1 investments is 30 feet of speaker wire. No longer are my speakers confined to one corner of my room, but now adorn two opposing walls and two adjacent corners. The increased stereo effect is quite enjoyable.
My room’s feeling more comfortable than it has in quite a few months. It’s not quite feng shui, but it’s feeling homey and natural in a way I don’t believe it ever has. Some of you cats should stop by and see for yourself. I can break out some Jenga, Risk or a deck of cards and we’ll have a grand time. Or we can listen to music and talk. This room needs some life in it other than myself and Papina, in all its growing-glory.
Wednesday will be a day of change.

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