Streetlamps and Voices

Tonight I talked with Sarah, one of my dear, dear disciples. It was quite nice to chat voice to voice at last, and she sounds as cool as I had imagined. We talked about Jack Kerouac, music, jobs and places. It was great to talk with someone who shares some of my passions (especially so in music and books), and I’m hoping to have another chance soon.
Since last fall there has been a CD that Nathan and I have wanted to listen to but either didn’t have the resources for or were distracted from. We finally pooled some change and brought home Rockets Burst From The StreetlampsAbove A Moving Train. It’s a rather enjoyable album, though not overly tight or conventionally valued. The vocals are a bit hazy and the instrumentation’s similarly blurred, but there are some moments of brilliance. It’s worth checking out for sure, but not for everyone. You can purchase it and other albums (The band Freezepop is worth checking out for their beautiful website alone) from the Archenemy Recording Company.
At the library today (yes, I’ve been visiting it quite frequently) I borrowed a Charlie Parker collection (it’s a nice broad look at Mr. Parker’s work) and a beginner’s book on folk guitar (which should prompt me to practice a bit more in the coming weeks). Libraries are truly one of the greatest resources a community can have, by providing vast quantities of informaton, entertainment and art, as well as providing a admirable example of egalitarian social good that is universally beneficial (we all have access to the library and it benefits everyone).

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