Libraries, Depths and Years

Bless the Canadian library network! Two days ago I searched the online database the local libraries offer, and placed a request for Ross Laird‘s Grain of Truth, which was found nearest in Toronto. When I visited the library today (my third day in a row) the book had just arrived and was waiting for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed this book arrived here, and I respect the library system even more, and will praise it as an exemplar of efficiency for quite some time.
I just spent some time looking around Mr. Laird‘s redesigned website, and I would like to mention that it’s visually pleasing and contains some excellent content. Especially interesting and insightful was “Psychological patterns in sport and in life,” an exploration of patterns of achievement (in individuals, groups, and cultures) prompted by Laird’s observation of the Vancouver Canucks’ tendency to almost win. Laird is an exceptional writer who I highly recommend introducing yourself to, espcially if you have any interest in craftsmanship.

This afternoon I stopped by at Cerra’s place to pick up a book, Blankets, I needed to return the library. She offering me some delicious macaroni, which I could certainly not refuse. We ended up watching a rather interesting show on Discovery about cephalopod mollusks (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish). The language and intelligence theorized to be held by these creatures by the British Colombian scientists was quite remarkable. The videography was stunning, and brought forth longing to have that channel here.

I talked again this evening with my friend Sarah, who lives in Texas. We had an enjoyable conversation, though she was forced to remain in her “circle of Apollo communication” due to bad reception there. She’s making plans to make a road trip to Chicago, then up to Maine, and possibly visiting me here in Nova Scotia. It’d be quite the adventure for her, I’m sure, and it would certainly be wonderful to be able to spend some time with her.

As the one year landmark of Frozen Truth . com approaches, I find myself reexamining what role I wish this journal to play, and how I wish to approach writing in it. I’ve experienced a great deal of change and growth in regards to both, and I’d like to make the symbolic milestone correspond with a sincere effort to strengthen the focus, quality and value of what I share through this site.
In a lighter vein, I’ve done some work on a compilation of the first year I’ve kept my words here. I hope to make it available as a .pdf file so that any of you who would like can print yourself a hard copy or read it on various platforms. I think it’ll be a nice way to wrap up the year and create something a bit more concrete than a collection of web-based journal entries.

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