Coffee Beans and Stones

It’s been a rather busy weekend of dashing around the city and doing some recovery of files on a dead hard drive. I don’t think I’ve had more than a couple of hours of down time the entire time. It’s been quite enjoyable, but very draining as well.
On Saturay morning I awoke just in time to answer a call from Wanda, who came into the city to see a few concerts over the weekend. After cleaning the apartment and myself, I caught a bus with Nathan so that we could meet with Wanda. April was with Wanda then, and it was nice to spend a few minutes with those two before I had to hurry back home.
I was able to make it back here just in time to meet my parents as they came to the walk way. I then talked with them and wandered with them during a shopping excursion for the afternoon. It was nice to see them again after a couple months of not being able to.
The remainder of Saturday was spent copying what files I could from the dead external hard drive. I was unable to recover some rather important documents, but I believe my music collection has been spared much damage. It’s really a shame that I’ve lost some rather nice photos I had saved of some of my friends, though, and that’s what bothers me most.
Last night I watched Punch Drunk Love while files were being drawn out of the wreck of a drive. I found it to be an excellent film, especially due to Sandler and Watson’s performances and Anderson’s directing prowess. It’s a worthy watch.
I was awakened Sunday by Wanda and, in a sleepy, hazy conversation, agreed to meet her downtown. A quick preparation and a nice walk brought me there, and a lengthy wait brought Wanda. We had a nice afternoon and early evening together wandering, browsing and consuming food and drink. It was nice to spend time with her again without other people, since it’s been a while since we hung out like that. I very much enjoy the dynamic when Wanda, April and I hang out, though.
One of the highlights of the day was having delicious stone soup at Halifax Backpacker’s Hostel. It had a great atmosphere and interesting folks from various countries (Australia and Japan, that I noticed). I’ll be sure to stop in there again, if only for the soup. If any of you ever decide to visit here in Halifax, it seems like the most reasonably priced place to stay.

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