The Book List

I’ve been working to find a number of books to add to my collection for some time now. I’ve been able to acquire most of the books I’ve been seeking, but the few that follow have either eluded me or been out of my price range at the moment. If anyone can find them locally (Halifax, Nova Scotia), I’d like to know where you’ve seen them.

Books to find:
Jo Clayton – The Magic Wars (Wild Magic, No 3)
Charles de Lint – A Circle of Cats
Charles de Lint – A Handful of Coppers
Charles de Lint – Mulengro
Charles de Lint – The Road to Lisdoonvarna
Charles de Lint – The Riddle of the Wren
Tanya Huff – Relative Magic
Tanya Huff – What Ho, Magic!
Tanya Huff – Quarters 3: No Quarter
Tanya Huff – Quarters 4: The Quartered Sea
Tanya Huff – The Better Part of Valor
Naomi Kritzer – Fires of the Faithful
Naomi Kritzer – Turning the Storm

Read but not owned:
Charles de Lint – The Dreaming Place
Jack Kerouac – Book of Dreams
Ross Laird – Grain of Truth
Irene Radford – The Dragon Nimbus 2: The Perfect Princess
Craig Thompson – Blankets

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