I’m in Dean visiting my parents now. Until next week I’ll be here helping out and taking stock before returning to the hunt in Halifax. Last night my parents suggested I visit them for a while, and I accepted for a number of valid reasons. Grand, simple meals alone are worth the momentary exodus.
It’s been a light time so far, with some minor work done outside being welcome. My parents love plants, and their garden is, while not unlike most others, something they obviously take pride in. Having spent five years as a grounds keeper in the summers, I have an appreciation and skill for gardening as well. Doing physical work with tangible results can be quite rewarding.
I plan to catch up on some reading and break out my bicycle while I’m here in Dean. It’s still a nice place to visit in spite of the horribly ugly clear cutting that’s visible from the front door of this house. There are some spots that remain viable places to sit in the shade and read and trails to bike along, listening to the flow of a brook.
Friday it seems I’ll be making a journey to New Glasgow. It’s a small town, well dwarfed by Halifax, but there’s something of the universal small town in New Glasgow that, while I would never wish to live in such a place, gives a comforting sense of what small towns once were.

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