Sounds, Stars and Colors

I’ve readded a couple features to my website over the past day. You’ll find my photo album here and a list of the ten songs I’ve listened to most recently (as provided by Audioscrobbler) here. Hopefully these will be of interest to some of you.

I’ve been enjoying FaithlessNo Roots album immensely since I discovered it early this week. Faithless is an exciting electronic group that crosses genres and has produced some rather enjoyable albums. The newest album, however, takes a great leap in message and instrumentation. It’s a very satisfying and deep release that defies the typical fare you’ll find in works utilizing similar tools.

If there’s one aspect of being in this rural area I most often think of fondly it’s the stars. In Halifax light pollution is strong enough to render all but the brightest stars invisible, sadly. When I walk at night in the city I often look up and am dismayed by the lack of stars and the sick orange hue of the night sky that cities adopt. Here I’ll make it a point to take the time to stargaze while I can.

Last night I was finally able to see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. I must say that I wasn’t overly impressed. Aside from some moving moments featuring average people that Mr. Moore talked with, it was rather boring for me. As someone who follows current event extensively, the vast majority of the facts presented in this documentary were old to me, and I realize that I’m not the target audience of this film. It was a well made movie, and should serve to inform those who haven’t actively searched for information and inspire them to become more active, and for that I think Mr. Moore should be commended. Far too few people in all media have been questioning the actions and words of the people in power, and that’s a grave shame. Yes, Mr. Moore has a bias in his work, but it is not the harmful sort. Bias is present in all media, but Mr. Moore happens to have a bias toward good. If you are informed about the wars and other injustices enacted by the current American administration you’ll likely want to skip Fahrenheit 9/11, but those of you who haven’t kept up with what has been happening may have your eyes opened by seeing this.

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