Flies, Plants and Bites

My final night here at my parents’ home is coming to an end. It’s been refreshing to be back here for a short while. I’m looking forward to being back in the city tomorrow afternoon, though. I miss certain things about both places when I’m away, but Halifax is definitely more like home to me now.
The past few days I’ve been helping out in Dean. Yesterday I went to Lemmon Hill to do some work cleaning and mowing the community center there, something I find quite rewarding, since that place is something I feel adds a lot to the community and helps to bring it together. Doing service for one’s community is quite important, I believe, and I wish to do more when I am able. Today I did some yard work for my aunt Lucy, again something I found rewarding.
I’ll be returning to the city with arms covered in horse and moose fly bites courtesy of the swarms that were to be found on Lemmon Hill as I worked there. I’ve yet to decide if fifty of those are better than hundreds of mosquitos or not. The insect population of rural areas is by far the worst aspect of visiting them for me.
Today my parents received a new digital camera, so I decided to try it out. I took a about fifteen minutes to snap some shots around the yard and the surrounding woods. You can find them in my photo album under “Dean – July 2004” in both self-portraits and landscapes. In the rest of my entry I’ll share some of the photos and explain the significance of those I select.

Photos that were once included with this entry have been removed and may now be in my main photo album.

This is a building that served as a sort of playhouse for my sister and I when we were kids. We’d spend time playing in it and keeping it clean. My father built it from spare material he had around.

You may recall an entry I made about a tree that was very special to me (Life Tree Deer). This is what remains of that tree after clear cutting and a hurricane ravaged it. You may notice that it has green leaves and is still alive.

In a recent entry I mentioned the makeshift basketball court I played on in my youth (Hoops, Roots and Leaves). Here you can see the court in all its rough glory.

When I was twelve I travelled across North America with my family in this camper. It wasn’t spacious, but it was a place to sleep each night during that summer as we made our way across the continent, from coast to coast.

Here’s a photo of my parents’ home, where I lived all of my childhood.

Last fall, during Hurrican Juan (which I documented in a hurricane journal) many trees were ripped apart. This is the stump of one which nearly damaged my parents home when it fell.

Here’s a photo of me in the shade of some of the trees I would pass under often as I made my way through the forest as a child.

This displays my love of trees, as I examine some maple leaves.

Here, as an end piece to this collection is a photo of myself kneeling under a huge mass of roots that were also ripped up during the hurricane.

There are many photos taken today that I haven’t shared here, so please take a look at my photo album to see the rest.

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