Coastal Calm

A crow wheeled past me just now, and waves are crashing toward me. The sun has broken through the clouds and is shining upon the right of my face as the wind gently moves my hair in front of my face.
It’s supremely beautiful here on the coast and very spiritual for me today, more so than any other time I’ve visited this park. Here I feel a sense of peace, freedom and wholeness that I haven’t felt many other times. I feel a part of the bolders I sit upon, a part of the coastline and of the world in a way that is most often muted while I’m in civilized spaces.
The salt air is a purifier for my lungs. Each breath I draw in seems to clean away heaviness I’ve carried with me. The cool air refreshes my skin after several humid and hot days.
The crashing waves before and beneath me blend with the music I am listening to in a perfectly matched rhythm. The fluidity is mesmerizing, its vastness a world dance linking the continents.
A seagull glided above me, heralding the passing of a tall, sailed ship. I can’t see a name upon it, but I do see passengers and crew beneath its three masts. Two sails have been lowered, so perhaps it will make slow movement over the water. A Canadian flag is waving at the stern.
While walking along the shore I noticed ant-eaten driftwood logs, and found the texture of the ants’ trails to be beautiful in their intricate chaos. The interplay between the sea and land facinates me very much. Trees of the land so often fall into the sea to become bleached of color and then become home or nourishment for ants when the driftwood returns to shore.
I’ve had a very heavy heart lately and deep-seeded worry. Here I feel light and holy, reconnected with the divinity that is life. I feel my senses opening and expanding. I feel my understanding growing with each wave that collides with these rocks, and my enery to create and move forward is magnified as each crow, gull and swallow passes. Here where the moon pulls the water upon the rocks, here where the air warms and the wind cools the very same stone, I recognize acutely my responsibility to the world and thus to myself and all those I love.
I remember being along the shore further up the coast with Ashley two winters ago and taking photos before the sunset. I wish she and all my dear friends could be here today to experience this true sense of healing and beauty. It’s so easy to forget these feelings in a world of strife and hurting.

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