I’m writing from a library computer, so I will have to make this brief.
My internet access has been disconnected for three days now. The only rational explaination we’ve been able to come up with is that some construction across the street caused the line or internet box near our building to be disturbed. Sadly, the response from our ISP has been very bad, as they will not even look into the problem until well into next week.
Obviously this is distressing to me, not only because it cuts off my main means of communication, but also because it endangers a job I recently was offered, which requires internet access. The fates surely have not been smiling upon me since Tuesday.
I’ve been reading and working on what I am able to without access to the net. It’s been difficult to not be able to talk with many people, and to be cut off from information I consider important to have access to. I hope to return soon, but I can’t hold much hope considering the situation I find myself in.

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