The Way It Really Is

For the past week one album, Lisa Loeb’s The Way It Really Is, has been playing most often here in my room.The Way It Really Is has quickly grown on me, becoming one of my favourite albums she has released. It holds elements of her previous albums, and is uniquely a Lisa Loeb album, but is less upbeat than her two recent albums, Hello Lisa and Cake and Pie. This is a favourable development, I believe, since I’ve always been partial to her more subdued songs.
I must admit I have a bit of a bias when it comes to Lisa Loeb. In my teen years she was my first and last great celebrity crush. I was enthralled by her intelligence, songwriting, and physical beauty in my youth, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit some of that taint still remains.
That said, this is a great album. The standout track for me on first listen was “Diamonds”, the the rockiest track on the album that has the lyrics, “diamonds are a runaround, a game you can’t win, while you wait for your life to begin”, seemingly a statement attacking the lightness with which many people treat marriage. “Will You Wander” is the second track that hits me most, with its classic theme of sought commitment and requited love. “Probably”, an obvious second single after “Fools Like Me” leaves the charts, is a light love song that lifts the album to a level of catchiness that each of Lisa’s previous albums met. It’s this signature song that will likely please the more casual fans of Lisa’s music most.
The Way It Really is will come out a week from today, marking Lisa’s third album in two or three years. I believe it to be the strongest of these, and will not disappoint. It’s the album that may just return Lisa to the top of the charts, and is at the very least a great new addition to Lisa’s discography of excellent albums.

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