Being disconnected as I have been for the past week has felt a lot like last fall when I was without electricity and internet access for a week. It’s certainly not to the same scale of inconvenience, but the lack of ability to communicate with people I care about is very disheartening. I may regain internet access tomorrow, but there’s only a slim chance. My fingers will be crossed, though.
I’ve been following the American election campaigns quite closely for the past year. I’ve found Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edward’s ascent an interesting series of events. I would certainly rather have a true liberal like Dennis Kucinich as president of the most powerful and dangerous nation of the world, but Kerry and Edwards have impressed me more than I expected. While I disagree with much of their policy, they seem to be making commitments that will better lead that nation to a positive path than the current administration’s many follies. I must hold out hope that voters there are able to realize this before they damn themselves to another four years of disaster.
I often find interesting and inspiring quotes in Charles de Lint novels and collections. He tends to include them at the beginning of his stories, or before each chapter. In The Wild Wood he shares the following quote, from the inscription of a New England tombstone.

We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

This rings quite true for me. Surely by recognizing beauty in the things we might fear we can make ourselves immune to the false worry misconceptions can give birth to.

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