Berry Bruises

The first day working on the harvester went better than I had expected. The work is not all that difficult, and time seemed to pass quickly enough. I did not make it through the day without damage, though. I have bruised my knee and have small bumps along my arm where berries, leaves and other plant matter battered my arm for much of the day. It was a long day, but it feels good to be doing honest, hard work (though my back and knee deny this fiercely).

It’s fitting that I’m inspired to do a lot of writing now that I am unable to do so (I’m cutting into my sleep time just to make this short journal entry). I hope to store this creative energy somehow. I can’t let this holy water just evaporate. There are pages that need blessings, I know.

Learn of history, learn of music, learn of true, mythic stories, learn compassion, learn hope and learn love. Become a sage of the holy, simple arts. There’s magic and fullness in knowing.

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