Blue Veins

Another day in the field has come to a close. Today was better than the last, with my body getting used to the labour and better weather. I’ve worked every summer since I was five (and one year when I travelled across the continent) in blue berry fields, so I’m used to them and the hard work they bring. It’s in my blood, for better or for worse. My veins are blue.
Working all day muddies my head with many thoughts. When I do repetitive work I tend to do a lot of thinking abstractly, though sometimes on very specific and important matters. I require something to allow me not to focus on a task that would otherwise surely leave me insane from mediocrity and slow time.

I’ve been relucant to write much about the occupation of Iraq as of late. Since I’ve been unable to follow it as closely as I would like, I haven’t been fully confident in commenting on the events unfolding there. What can not be denied, even from the least broad vantage, is that the suffering of the Iraqi people is unnecessary and a terrible crime. You can plainly see the torture inflicted upon the Iraqis in the photos shared in this article, published by China Daily. The looks of anguish on the faces of the two girls and one man depicted should be a clear sign of the horrendous losses being suffered by the Iraqis. The Americans and Iraqis (and those few other nations involved in the conflict) who have embraced violence with such enthusiasm should be filled only with shame for harming so many innocents. There is no excuse for such recklessness. The Iraqis are in my thoughts.

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  1. intersting that you chose blue veins as your tital as it means no circulation… good comparison! it makes sense… there is also little circulation in architecture these days. just look around you.
    arch student,
    k. mae

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