Holy Rain

Harvesting blueberries 14 hours of the day has left me with little time to do much else other than eating and sleeping. It’s been a tiring experience, but I’ve managed to talk with a few people in the evenings and replied to the few e-mails I get each day in order to keep up communication. I’ll be glad to be finished with the long hours in a couple weeks.
Today holy rain fell, so I was blessed with my first day off in two weeks. I thanked the fates for sending me one day of relative rest. I spent most of the day unpacking and arranging things in my room. Returning from Halifax has given me a much larger room, so I’ll try to make good use of it.
My life has been very static lately, and my thoughts have been on matters I’m not yet ready to discuss here, so this will be another short entry. I have plenty to write about, but I want to save those things until I am able to devote a proper amount of time to them. Instead, I’ll leave you with some generic questions and answers.

Thirteen random things you like:

01) stars
02) coffee
03) fall
04) music
05) foods
06) rain
07) forests
08) books
09) writing
10) romance
11) diversity
12) campfires
13) rocky beaches

Twelve movies you love:

01) Lord Love A Duck
02) Grave of the Fireflies
03) Three Colors: Blue
04) American Splendor
05) Dinner At Fred’s
06) Mulholland Drive
07) Enlightenment Guaranteed
08) Run Lola Run
09) Otes?nek
10) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
11) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
12) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Eleven good bands/artists:

01) Matthew Sweet
02) Poe
03) The Squarewaves
04) Shalabi Effect
05) Audioslave
06) Collective Soul
07) Matthew Good
08) Live
09) Buck 65
10) Feist
11) Valley of the Giants

Ten things about you (physically):

01) Blue eyes
02) Long red hair
03) 6′ tall
04) Thin
05) Large feet
06) Freckles
07) I have a slight scar on my forehead, above my right eye.
08) My legs and arms are bruised because of work.
09) I have a small birthmark on my left arm.
10) My left thumb is double-jointed.

Eight favorite foods/drinks:

01) Coffee
02) Lemonade
03) Chinese foods
04) Cheesecake
05) Stone soup
06) Stews
07) Chocolate covered coffee beans
08) Homefries

Seven things you wear daily:

01) black jeans
02) a black t-shirt
03) sandals or socks and shoes
**) That’s it, since I don’t wear anything else everyday.

Six things that annoy you:

01) People without compassion
02) Materialism
03) Politics that tend toward captialistic and facist spectrums.
04) People with poor work ethics.
05) Violence
06) Selfishness

Five things you touch everyday:

01) My pillow
02) My sheets
03) My laptop
04) My toothbrush
05) My clothes

Four shows you watch:

**) I don’t watch T.V.

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