The morning after I last wrote, it did rain. Sadly, the rain fell before I left for work and once I had arrived there. It was a wet and cold day, but I survived well enough. I suppose there is some truth to the old saying, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”
In the field I’ve seen many animals during the past few days. A hawk dove after prey one afternoon. A snake made her way into a blueberry box as I was cleaning it. A coyote gorged upon berries in a field next to the one I was picking, lazily snacking while our machines roared by. Many a spider clung to my shirt until I rescued it and returned it to the ground. Encountering life makes the job I do less tedious.
My life’s been uneventful during this time working. There’s little to mention of interest, though I may have further work lined up once I finish work with the harvesters (we should finish Thursday if things go well). When I’m not working 14 hours of the day I will surely have plenty of words to share, so be sure to return.

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