Dusty Town

In Truro this afternoon I traversed the dead malls of that degenerating town. It’s becoming an unholy ghost town, down to just one record store from three a few years ago. It’s a sad place, that once-hub of Nova Scotia.
I wasn’t able to find the album I had hoped for, Matthew Sweet’s Living Things, but instead I got another album, K-Os‘ Joyful Rebellion. It’s beautiful, high Canadian hip-hop and you all should hunt it down. I’ll share more thoughts on it later.
For dinner my mother and I ate at King Lamb, a Chinese resturant in the dusty town of Truro. There I received a fortune cookie that stated the following:

You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to.

Surely I must seek fortune and place my hands on the holy deeds that need doing.

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