Yesterday night I finished my last day working on the blueberry harvester. My last day was one of the worst weather-wise. The hurricane that swept through the southern U.S. last weekend dumped a ton of water on us as we were harvesting, soaking us all but not managing to dampen our spirits as we finished up the last of our long, long days. C’est fini et je suis curatif (Pardon my rusty French. I intend to reawaken my Francophone bones soon.).
This morning I walked over to retreive my check from my employer, thus wrapping up this three week chapter of my working class life. By this afternoon my bank account will be considerably fuller than it has been for many months, and that’s quite a comforting thought. My bills will be paid and I’ll have some change for a few simple luxuries.
I’m not going to stop working by any stretch. Tomorrow I may be going to work with my uncle in the woods and on the weekend I plan to participate in the 50 mile yard sale that is held here every year. I have a ton of old things that need to be parted with in order to be ready to gain hobo-like versatility and freedom. In addition to the things I will be paid for, I’m forming a schedule for increasing my own wellbring and completing personal projects. I plan to dedicate one hour every day to writing, physical fitness and meditaion (thus giving myself three hours of time devoted to making my life how I wish it to be).
I will soon need to replace my external hard drive. It’s still working fairly well for now, but it’s not as reliable as I would like, since it has inexplicably died on me several times. I’ve been looking around for hard drive-based music players, since the vast majority of my data is taken up by music files. A 40 GB player (the very least I would need) will likely cost me around $400 CDN, so it’ll be a hefty investment. So far the clear front-runner for me is the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. At 30% less than an iPod and with better features and compatibility, it’s unmatched by anything else I’ve seen. If the yard sale and some Ebay auctions can pull in what I expect, I might be able to have myself one of these in a month or two and retire my mini disc player.

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