Week(end) and Powerless

This weekend was the annual 50 mile yard sale here in the Musquodoboit Valley. My parents and I set up a few tables of things we no longer wish to have. Both days held beautiful weather, but only Saturday brought many customers. I sold a number of larger items and added a small bit of money to my Nomad fund.
Sunday and again today I also worked with my uncle Gerry gathering firewood. My family owns a fair amount of forest land, and hurricane Juan left many of our trees toppled and in need of a use. My uncle will use some to heat his home for the next two winters and to operate our maple production this spring and the following one. Loading and stacking the wood isn’t difficult work, and being in the forest is always enjoyable for me.
Tomorrow I’ll again be helping my uncle, this time with preparing his garage for repainting. I’m thankful for these days of work he has offered me, and am surprised by how rewarding doing simple work can be.

When I arrived home this evening I was shocked in a rather unpleasant way. Not long after returning home from working with Gerry a dump truck arrived with a load of gravel my father had ordered. I was finishing preparing my dinner when the unobservate operator of the truck, emptying the last of his load, raised the dumping back straight into the power line of our home. Sparks flew and the electricity was cut.
I’m now without power, able to use a generator for an hour in the evening, but otherwise using candles and what battery-powered tools I have. This will sadly continue at least two more days.

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