Electric Dismay

This week has not been a fortunate one for me. It seems that electricity and electrical machines have become my enemies, as I’ve had no end to the trouble they’ve brought.
Late last night the power was restored here. It was a relief that was soon followed by annoyance. By the morning we discovered that not only had the accident caused damage to the route electricity takes to enter the house. but had also destroyed four rather valuable devices. The microwave, a VCR, my stereo and my parents’ computer were all rendered useless by the power surge. It’ll be costly to replace each of them, and an inconvenience to not have them.
Tonight I came upon even worse trouble. My laptop’s power cord has been acting up for a couple months now. It sometimes needed to be in a certain position to provide power. It’s been troublesome, but tonight when I attempted to reconnect it after moving my desk I noticed that the wire had been bared. Looking closer I saw that it had been severed completely. Now my computer, as well as the PC my parents and I use are not able to be used at all.
I’m writing this on a laptop my mother has for work. It’s an old one that runs Windows 98 and has minimal software, making it quite a change to be using. It’s better than being stuck with no means of communication, though. I may be able to order a new power cord for my laptop on this computer, and that would surely be a blessing.

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