Roads and Runes

Last evening I placed my rune stones in my pocket and made my way into the wood near my home. I hadn’t used them in quite some time, but I felt compelled to consult their reflective divination. In my compulsion I moved toward the waiting surface of the stump of an old, old birch and took out my runes. I decided upon a simple cross instead of a full casting because of the failing light.
I approach divination of any sort, be it tarot, runes or any number of less common means, as a chance for directed reflection. To expect to see a true vision of the future is folly, because interpretation of what comes is subjective and based upon feelings of the moment. There is, however, a great opportunity to reflect on the subject’s situation and what can be done to make it better in the future.

I first drew Ingwaz, the rune which represents Ing, an earth god. Placed in a position to represent my recent past, it pointed to the completion of tasks, new beginnings, internal growth, simple strength, virtues and love being embodied. It indicated that I should feel free to move in a new direction and feel free to leave behind hardships.
I next drew Gebo, a rune which represents a gift, in the spot which shows my present. It represents sacrifice and generosity in balance. Relationships of all sorts are the focus of this rune, so I take it to represent resolve I have recently gained to improve relationships I have and my desire for new ones.
Third I drew Uruz, the rune which represents a wild ox. It is intended to indicate a possible future for me. Uruz is a rune of shaping power and formation of self (positive, unexpected changes), of freedom, great energy and health, courage, sexual desire and potency, understanding and wisdom. I see this as an indication that I have the chance to build a rewarding and exciting future, one which fulfills the vision I have of my life.
Fourth I drew Tiwaz, which represnts Tyr, a sky god, and also the warrior archetype. This rune is placed to indicate aspects of my current situation which are helpful. Tiwaz is a rune of self-sacrifice, trust, leadership, rationality, knowledge of self, loyalty, glory, victory, will, patience, right motives and guidance. I interpret this to be revealing about my new spiritual direction, being more spiritually active and to be more proactive in the causes I wish to champion.
Last, as a rune representing hinderances, I drew Isa, a rune of ice and standstill. Isa represents frustration, challenges, psychological blocks to activity, delays and a need to seek clarity (a time to turn inward). This represents to me the troubles I’ve encountered in relationships and in my everyday life.

There are plenty of places to learn about runes online (though they have conflicting views and share different meanings sometimes). One I consulted can be found here. You can find a well done automated rune reading at as well, should you wish to try this yourself without investing in a set of runes.

Today I decided to go on a nice long bike ride to Upper Stewiacke in order to deposit some money from my Nomad fund and to indulge in some ice cream and soda. It didn’t take long, but it was a challenging road to traverse, both hilly and not well kept. It was nice to work my body to the point of exhaustion and to test its limits as I biked up hills until I was ready to burn out.

Tonight I was able to have the cord for my laptop fixed using a soldering gun. This will allow me to keep using this laptop and price a new cord at various online stores. The cheapest one which I found last night would cost $80 USD to be shipped here within a week, and I’d rather not be out that much money for such a simple collection of wires and plastics.

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