Dryad Lovers Anticipate Autumn

I’m cleaning drying leaves from my pocket
Letting them slow-drift to the blue tile floor
Visions and sound-touch echo through me now
My tongue sings of the arousal’s taste

We met on the wood’s border with the field
Wind swept the world as I stepped through hay
They stood in the shelter of their tree-homes
Beautiful and natural, locked near

From the trees’ shade they emerged gracefully
One with hair of pine bark, a fair maid
Her partner was of the autumn maple
Gentle and mischievous eyes sang

I was not startled by their appearance
Merely joyed by bright companionship
They beckoned and I followed their light path
In a clearing we breathed deep true words

The pine girl spoke of fey lives beneath leaves
Of seasons’ unshakable calling
The desire for life and dance before
A winter’s sleep could still their pure veins

We sat for hours sharing memories
Sharing secret names and deep-true selves
No walls or chains on the mossy earth floor
Kept our threads from joining an easy braid

The maple lass sang of whispers and joys
Her melody promising three moons
Her tone leaped with hope for forest years
Her vision a true and gentle fire

Dusk emerged and covered our shared holy place
We rose and a leaf bed was offered
Smiling, I declined, promising return
Lamenting, I returned to walled sleep

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