Season Bridge

I’m sitting by the remnants of an old bridge, with water steadily streaming before me. I’m seated upon a large boulder, feeling occasional drizzle drops on my skin and noticing them on the screen of my palm-held computer. I can clearly smell the plants and the scent of the river. A squirrel is squeaking at me from a tree branch overhanging the river.
I retraced my journey from Monday, this time travelling on my bicycle. It took much less time to get here. Though the trip was still full of the same pleasant sights, I do find the calm of walking to be better. Now I’m contented with sitting here observing.
The squirrel has moved into a hole beneath a boulder that was once part of the bridge’s support. It is no doubt storing food for the coming winter. In our modern world we don’t often store food in the same manner, but not that many years ago farmers would be harvesting crops and preparing them for the winter at this time. We’re not as unlike animals as we might like to think, though we may have some different advantages, and we should be mindful that we are still subject to the great influence of the seasons. We may not all be harvesting crops this autumn, but there are other ways to recognize our place within the seasons.
Thanksgiving is coming in October (for us Canadians), as is Halloween. Both are traditional markers of harvest and celebrations of the season. It would serve us well too learn of their symbolism and to honor the traditions of giving thanks for our many blessings and honoring our ancestors, not just on those two days, but throughout this season of change and through the whole year. Traditions and myths don’t serve us well if we do not adopt their positive assertions in our daily lives.
I’ve been noticing the first red leaves of autumn when coming here. Nova Scotia has many forests, and thus has some spectacular fall scenery. At this spot most things are still green. In fact, I can see only one tree with changed leaves. I wish to observe during this season the slow changes, not just suddly become aware of a change once it has completed. Too often I overlook the process and see only the outcome.

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