Dryad Rain Dash

Mist turned into rain and fell upon us
In the clearing we were unprotected
Their dying fire was soon extinguished
Our voices were soaked as we took our feet

Maple lead us in a sprint through the trees
Pine strode beside me as we dodged rain drops
Dashing from slight shade to slight shade like deer
Still, water seeped through our clothes undeterred

In a stand of trees I’d not before seen
We moved toward a looming, cone-filled pine
Beneath its full, low branches no drops fell
Our speeding hearts slowed as the rain increased

Beneath the tree was sacred and a home
The air smelled of balsam, sweet-rich with earth
Around the tree trunk were three feather strings
Collections of owl, jay and wren raiments

Maple knelt by a ring of grey-white stones
Placing logs within, she lit a small fire
Drops from her hair fell sizzling downward
Laughter and a smile lit her dripping face

Pine and I sank to the ground beside her
Warming and drying ourselves, we fire-gazed
Each flicker and dance of orange and red
Stole away the wet-cold and warm-calmed us

Pine stepped around the tree and was hidden
Chorus-called, she answered with a promise
Maple and I stirred coals and orange logs
Setting sparks to careening heaven-ward paths

With stick-pierced apples Pine returned to us
Gentle hands balanced the stick above coals
When the apples had blistered she withdrew
We drank the sweet juice and savoured the flesh

1 comment on “Dryad Rain Dash

  1. it sounds really weird when i red it to my senoirs
    i never thought of how much bad comments i got about it from one person
    please try to make some kind of fluencey in your poem making

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