Nomads, Sunsets and Music

Since I first made the choice to cut down on my worldly possessions, I’ve been missing one major piece of the supplies I’ll need for a minimalistic nomad life. I have books and a means to do my writing in a pocket-sized device, but my music currently still takes up a good deal of space (my CD binders alone are quite chunky).
Tonight, having set aside the items I’ll be selling this week (some books that will bring in a good sum of money), I looked online to see if I could find reasonably priced Nomads. After a bit of effort I found a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, an item I had selected some time ago as the most suitable portable music device for me, that had the best price I had seen anywhere. It’s a really brilliant piece of technology. Seeing that my external hard drive is dying (it lost data in a power surge and hasn’t been all that reliable for several months) and my stereo is completely dead (it was fried in the power surge), I could use a high capacity, quality output device. I need a new hard drive if I want to keep my digital music collection no matter what.
I placed an order for the Nomad, and I’m hoping it will be shipped here quickly. I’m looking forward to its arrival quite a lot. Whenever I give myself increased space by giving away items (which I will be doing once the Nomad arrives) I feel my living area is more harmonious in an odd way. I have a great deal of wanderlust, so I suppose it may just be that I want to be able to leave with just what I can carry with me. Once I have this item, bedding and clothes will be the only bulky items to take care of.

Photos that were once included with this entry have been removed and may now be in my main photo album.

Wednesday evening there was a magnificent sunset here. I haven’t seen one quite that impressive in a long time, if ever. It lit the sky in a brilliant array of red-touched colors and turned the landscape into an alien place with its light. The photos I took don’t do justice to the awe I felt, but you can view them in my photo album if you’d like.

Halloween night Matthew Good, Auf Der Maur and Limblifter will be playing at The Marquee Club in Halifax as part of the Put Out Your Lights tour. I’m pulling strings right now to be able to go to this show. I would really hate to miss a concert by three of my favourite acts (who all happen to be Canadian). It will undoubtably be fantastic. It should be known that Melissa Auf Der Maur is my only celebrity crush other than Tuesday Weld and Lisa Loeb (She’s currently touring to support

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