Strings, Chains and Links

Today I biked to Upper Stewiacke as part of my personal improvement plan (a 1:1:1 recipe of meditation, writing and physical activity). The hour and a half of biking was plenty tiring, though easier than my earlier trips. I’m slowly building my endurance and strength as I continue this, and I’m looking forward to the greater physical health’s benefits. I won’t be running marathons any time soon, but by next summer I’m hoping to be able to take an extended biking and camping tour of some sort.

I’m slowly getting back into practicing on my guitar as well. I’m working on finger positions, mostly, and essentially starting fresh, as I’ve forgotten most of what I learned months ago. As with building up my physical health, it’s a slow process. I tend to find activities that don’t allow me an immediate measure of progress to be a bit frustrating. That I’m unable to play a song or even a piece of a song yet stands as an obsticle for me. With only a couple hours of practice in, though, I shouldn’t expect too much, I suppose.

My favourite recent discovery in the world of online journals is The Hipless Boy. It’s a consistantly entertaining and well written jounal that employs effective storytelling of everyday life. Each entry, from “All The Way To The Other Side”, an adventure in bowling that contains a passing revelation about a government study on the effects of dropping bowling balls from airplanes, to “My Sister Is In Love Again”, a bit of celebrity infatuation and pondering of literary minds, is a joy to read. The most recent entry, however, is my favourite of all I’ve read there. In it the author details his first meeting with a friend named Minerva, who seems to be a most beguiling person.

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