Communication, Exile and Fire-Paths

Saturday night I and my parents were invited to my aunt Lucy and uncle Larry’s home for a campfire. It was a pleasant time except for one factor. The members of my family and friends of the family gathered there were nearly all golfers. I’m not a great fan of the sport myself, so a night filled with talk of golf (there have been many, sadly) bores me quite severely.
This brings me to the topic of communication, which I’ve been feeling deprived of lately. Living here in this remote community has left me with little opportunity to talk to my friends. I haven’t talked to any of my dear friends face-to-face since August, and only to Ashley with my voice. Occasional letters, messenging and other pieces of text keep me alive, but it’s rather limited and not as sustaining as more direct and prolonged communication. I need more fullness in my exile.
I now have three possible paths for the second half of this month that are exclusive to each other. The newest will involve two to three weeks working on building a sort of large storage shed. I don’t have many details on what may be involved with that, but I should be finding out this week. The second is that I’ll be seeing Matthew Good and Auf Der Maur in concert Halloween night. Third is the least likely, as far as I know, and will involve travelling to Georgia, U.S.A. I wonder which fork will become possible. Each has benefits and hinderances.
Next weekend will be Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and it seems I’ll be going to Pictou for several days during this time. I’ve been reminded by my friend Nathan of some nice museums in that area, but other than that I don’t know of much that can be done to fend off boredom. Does anyone who has visited there in the past remember anything that I might enjoy seeing? I’m hoping to have my Nomad by that time, at least, because that’ll allow me some musical distraction.
I’ll leave you with some quotes on communication I recently found and would like to share.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“A world community can exist only with world communication, which means something more than extensive shortwave facilities scattered about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common ideas, and common ideals.” – Robert M. Hutchins

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