Debate, Leaves and Nomads

Last night I watched the last American presidential debate. Once again Kerry clearly won when it came to presenting worthy ideas, showing the flaws of Bush and demonstrating his speaking ability and decisiveness. He’s not as good a leader as I would hope to chose to lead my country, but he is better than the current president in nearly all respects. It’s a shame that the general public of America gave him only a slight victory in the debate. I find it very hard to understand what appeal Bush might have for the average American, since his policies and demeanor seem so repugnant to me. I’m hoping that enough people will choose Kerry over Bush so that a new direction for the United States and the world can be moved toward. Failing that I fear our global and regional strife will only worsen and I fear for the well being of my American friends.

This morning, after raking some fallen leaves, I took some photos of the trees in the yard. It was overcast, so the colors were not as vibrant as they would be later in the day, but the color-changed leaves still gave off their beauty and uniqueness. You can find these new photos, which also include some self-portraits, in my photo album.

In the afternoon my Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra arrived in the mail. It’s been filling with music for the past couple hours, and I hope to have it complete with all the music I own by tomorrow. It will be great to have all my music in one portable music player instead of a bunch of CD binders or on my laptop. The sound quality of this device is remarkable. I haven’t heard portable music sound this good before. The various sound settings and the quality headphones are a big leap over the mini disc player I relied on previously. I’m very happy with the investment I made in this so far.

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  1. mac says:

    I'm convinced that Kerry will win in November. Everything Bush has touched has turned to shit.

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