Cinnamon Coffee

In a recent journal entry, Sean Lee suggested adding a small amount of cinnamon (a table spoon full) to coffee grinds when brewing coffee. I gave the suggestion a try and was quite impressed. I used a Guatemalan blend that my friend Sarah sent me some months ago, and the combination was great. I’m sipping on one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It’s a flavour I’ll be sure to add to my usual coffee mixes.

5 comments on “Cinnamon Coffee

  1. I myself don't drink coffee but the combination sounds heavenly! I'll suggest it to the coffee drinkers I know.
    Also thank you for your comments, I hope you enjoy your stay in GA — It's quite nice here right now — the weather is real nice and cool, the trees are just showing their fall colors and you can't drive anywhere without seeing leaves fall. I hope it stays like this long enough for you to see it!

  2. Not only is cinnamon wonderful in coffee, try some ground cloves in with it. I used to mix up a combination of regular coffee, expresso, cinnamon and cloves. It makes a very tasty cup.

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